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Smashing Stones has, for example, jazzed up Rock Supplies, a rehearsal studio for musicians, with a number of works. The reception desk has been decorated with a large mosaic, which incorporates the company's logo. A colourful mosaic table is also found in the reception area. Each of the seven practice rooms has been given its own unique mosaic number board.

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mosaic logo
Mosaic: Hella Steins, logo design: Armand Niemantsverdriet

mosaic reception desk
mosaic table
mosaic table top

mosaic number

mosaic mirror

Naturally we also do commissions for private persons. Some examples are shown below.

mosaic pendant
silver pendant

mosaic box
box (20 x 20 x 20 cm)

mosaic heart
green mosaic heart (23 x 19 cm)

yin yang mosaic pendant
yin yang mosaic pendant

mosaic pendant
silver pendant

mosaic wall-decoration
wall-decoration (120 x 32 cm)

silver mosaic pendant
silver pendant

mosaic wall decoration
wall-decoration (30 x 30 cm)

candle-holder (16,5 x 13 cm)

More information? E-mail at smashingstones@xs4all.nl or call 06-23343804.